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We’re not just sharing a cup of coffee

We’re sharing our passion and unique story with you


Small batch roasted on their ranch in Mokelumne Hill, CA, husband and wife duo, Jess and Mary Krick had a dream of owning an off the grid ranch.  In 2017 they purchased their ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The second part of their dream was to begin roasting coffee and to share in their passion and love of coffee. Combining these two dreams, they opened Krick Coffee; offering freshly roasted coffee beans from their ranch, delivered directly to your door.

What Makes Us Different:

When you place your order, we roast your choice of beans, package them immediately and ship directly to you, ensuring you receive the freshest and most natural flavor of the coffee.  Our roasting days are  Mondays and Thursdays.

Why Small Batch Roasting?

Small batch roasting ensures a more consistent roast. Because fewer beans are roasted at one time, we ensure that each bean is roasted evenly. We use a small drum roaster which offers a slower, more gentle roasting process which allows us to more closely monitor the appearance and aroma of the beans during the roasting process and adjust times and temperatures on each batch.

This brings out the best and full potential of what’s inherent in each particular coffee, drawing out notes like acidity, floral notes, chocolate, molasses, and earth.  All of the coffee’s flavor potentials are presented at the first crack – an audible signal that happens at a particular point when roasting coffee and which is observed and monitored on every batch.  Ensuring each batch is roasted to its full potential.

Thoughtfully Sourced and Environmentally Conscious:

We work hard to source high quality beans that are organically grown and Fair Trade Certified as our desire is to partner with Co-ops of farmers that are being fairly treated and in turn, are kind to the environment as well.

The beans are brought to our ranch, which is solar operated, and then roasted by an infrared coffee roaster and is our way of minimizing our impact to our environment.


Sourced beans

Source quality beans from organic & fair trade farms

We’re dedicated to sourcing quality organic beans and beans that are Fair Trade Certified.  Fair trade certified coffee directly supports a better life for farming families in the developing world through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship.

Support farmers & their families

We believe in creating and contributing to an industry where farmers and their families are supported and are kind to the environment as well. It’s important to us that the coffee beans we purchase are Fair Trade Certified to ensure that these workers are given fair living wages.

Keep it fresh

Small batch – freshly roasted and shipped same day, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee with beans at their peak freshness.

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